Emergency Restoration Services

Our company is specialized in fire and water cleanup and restoration. We work around the clock to offer you reliable fire, water and mold remediation services you can count on. If you have an emergency, you can call us at any time of the day and even at night, and you will always find someone able to assist you.

We are your local disaster specialists in Kettering and all its surrounding areas. Our professionals are well-known experts in the restoration industry and will go the extra mile to restore and clean the place of your choice to make it look like it never even happened!

Fire Restoration in Kettering, OH

A fire can easily devastate any home or business and leave you homeless or without an office in a matter of hours.

The fire trucks will always come to put out the fire but once they leave, you will be left dealing with fire and smoke damage. You will also have to deal with water damage due to the water used to put out the fire.

Our company can help you restore your place quickly so you can return to your normal life and we will take care of all damages, whether they’re related to fire or water.

We will remove the soot from your carpet and upholstery and the smoke odor too if necessary, leaving your home totally spotless and livable again. Call us now 937-500-0102

Water Restoration in Kettering, Ohio

Water damage and flooding must always be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We use the latest techniques to remove the water present in your basement or any other part of your house and then monitor closely the drying process. Your property will look like new once we are done restoring it.

We have successfully handled hundreds of water damaged homes throughout the years and have accumulated a lot of experience in the matter. Let us deal with your water disaster of any size today.  Call the water restoration experts today. 937-500-0102

Our team uses advanced water restoration equipment and techniques to serve you better and to get your home and office back to normal.

Mold Removal in Montgomery and Greene Counties

Every house can be infested by mold if there is a leak in your roof or a plumbing issue. It takes as little as 2 to 3 days to spread throughout a house which is why reacting quickly is necessary. Black mold can be dangerous for your health and cause allergies that could make you sick or worse if not properly handled.

If you have a mold problem or suspect there is one, don’t waste time and contact us directly.

For all three services above, we offer both commercial and residential services, which means that you can get in touch with us for a residential property or commercial premises. We are the mold removal experts!

Give us a call now at and book any of our services instantly. Our operators are here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction based on your personal circumstances. We offer excellent prices for all budgets and requirements. Call us now: 937-500-0102 and find out about all of our restoration services.

Great customer care is at the core of our business philosophy and we will do everything in our power to assist you and your family when you are affected by water or fire disasters.


Looking for an outstanding Asphalt Paving Company in Pittsburgh, PA?

The world of real estate changes fast, but there are things that never change. Outlying areas remain important and add considerable value to any piece of real estate. They are usually made to last even though they require attentive care and ongoing maintenance.

Most of the local real estate promoters and investors usually ask themselves this questions: “Where are the best asphalt paving companies near me?”. And they now have the answer. We have founded our paving company with the customer experience in mind.

Offering quality paving is one thing, and making sure the customer is satisfied with the work provided and the workmanship also is another thing.

Whether you manage a property or own it, you will always need the help of a reliable asphalt paving contractor.

It’s a matter of image and safety…

Creating a positive image of your business or home is crucial. But you also want to make sure your tenants are safe and remain your clients. What if you could have the best of both worlds with one single layer of asphalt? Sealcoating can do that for you and it doesn’t have to take much time. In a few short hours you can get that “fresh” look.

Hire a good company that provides asphalt maintenance solutions and see for yourself how easy things become when it comes to parking lots. Making repairs in time and catching defects before it gets out of control is extremely important if you are concerned about keeping your pavement in great condition and this is why a serious paving company should check and inspect regularly your parking lot.

Tiny cracks can grow bigger overtime. Don’t leave anything to chance and call a professional team to perform the necessary repairs.

…But it’s also about being cost-efficient

Once an inspection has been performed, you should be able to budget in advance and this way you will enjoy better control over your future maintenance expenses. If your asphalt surface lasts longer, you will save money in the long run. As we always, it is often better to spend a few dollars once in a while than having to pay big money all at once.

A good paving company should provide its customers with peace of mind, enough flexibility to work around the schedule of tenants and property managers alike, and also good quality materials that are durable. If you are afraid to disrupt your business routine or your tenants’ routine, Work can be completed in stages to keep property access for all your visitors and customers alike.

Planning and budgeting are key when it comes to maintenance costs so make sure that you find a paving contractor that cares about your needs. Having extensive experience dealing with the realities faced by real estate property managers is also important.

A proactive pavement maintenance schedule is the best ally of your commercial center and industrial centers can benefit greatly from it too. Once you have found the right candidate, use the same paving contractor if you have multiple parking lots to save yourself some time and effort. Look at the multiple sealcoating companies in your area to find the best one.


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